Tuesday, April 6, 2010


just because

we are us
it doesn't mean it has to
be an
its like when you feel
too much
when you swear on your
youre losing your blood
to the air around you
the way the tree and the sap
slips one another
if maybe seeing yourself
flow into a bucket
wouldn't feel good
the marvel
of people thinking you sweet
tasting it
without ever having to
meet them
coat their dreams at breakfast with its; confection
coat the tongues with a high
and for tasting and sleep
to have grown so
to need coats
i just don't know
share our despondency
amongst eachother
the way we do with our cavities
until we hurt
until it hurts
when we remember again
to forget
the four chambers of our chests
one for
each season
and the way they repeat
our bloods knot
the soft kittens paw
creases red
and what can i give you
you haven't had before?
unbuttoned dreams sit
as butterflies without wings
the way we have
with eyelashes in our hands
sink your teeth into me
like an apple
until there is nothing left
but core
you will see what i'm capable of