Tuesday, May 18, 2010

i tried to believe

its like if something can
go wrong
for me lately
it does
like death is throwing
little pebbles in my eyes
because death would rather see if there are any ripples
on the surface
of something that
just wants to be still
even water
the way it can be running
all so silent together
and there
at the divide between it and you
the air and liquid silence
there is this stillness
even though the earth
is spinning like a god damn mad man
because it doesn't know which
planet is laughing at it
that water has learned how to be still
but death is like a child
and it makes waves
maybe it likes that light
learned how to dance
before any of us
but did water ever really want to be it's floor
when those stones land in my
there isn't anything there for him
death forgets about me
and blood is just traffic
our accidents the jam
and where is my accident

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